David Zayas Jr

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting photographer David Zayas Jr. He hit me up sometime ago about a project he wanted to work on called “Faces”. A collection of photos that included one person, nine grid boxes and the imagination to show facial expression. I had a blast and the shoot went by so quickly.

I’m always accustomed to working ‘behind the scenes’. Never really  bother to work in front of the camera, so I was a bit nervous. David was so humble, down to earth and so in love with what he does, he captivates you when he’s speaking, making you completely comfortable. He’s truly talented.

The next day I went back to work on another project of his, “Skins”  where the model will be completely nude, covering themselves with whatever object they wanted, or even represented them. This time I dragged Kat with me so she can do her “Faces”. A mutual friend of David and I, and former model for both of us, Ilani ,had hit us up…. wanting her “skins” photograph to be …well, me! Before I show you my version..I’ll show you a few of his previous shoots. Some of my favorites at least.

Isn’t it great? I think it’s awesome…. And I know for sure there is so much more to come…..

okay , okay… I’ll show you guys mine now….Ilani looks fabulous, David definitely is talented.

Feel free to reach him at : facebook.com/dznyla

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