Melodias: Mini Kat

Out of work at 11pm. The bestie Ari is the greatest, I swear. I have to meet Mini Kat, (not to be confused with Kat… this one is Mini, two different girls) So I have to meet Mini Kat at the heights. 207th to be precise, this was her 21st Birthday and decided on Melodias.


Ari shows up at my job at 11 on the dot, ready to pick up my purse, that way I don’t have to troop it back to the city to pick it up. We hop in a yellow cab in front if the hotel and dash to Times Square, where we hop on the 1 train , catching up with all the goodies in life… Not that there’s much to say on my part.

I’ve been a home body lately, just incase you guys haven’t noticed by the lack of posts. I finally get to the place, small line, I get singled out of the line, apparently because I’m legal. That should’ve been my first clue of the night. Sucks that I didn’t take notice.I walked in and saw her looking all cute, wearing all black, dancing already surrounded by her friends, all girls, definitely younger. I put on a brave face and smiled.. I actually ended up having a good time, danced with a few of the girls and laughed a bit.

My sister came to the rescue and popped up at the lounge, we destroyed that dance floor , had all eyes on us… My sister and I have danced so many times together, you would think all of our moves were perfected and routined.

We had shots of patron.. my first time ever tasting it! Yes, I know, I’m such a slacker! Mini Kat was all fucked up… with a big smile on her face she danced the night away… I don’t think she would have noticed if we all left… she was enjoying her own company!

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