Omg! I almost forgot to tell you guys!  So after Zj’s birthday party… Ari and I went to my house, so I could go and get ready and meet up with Chris and Ramon for their birthday celebration that was going to be at Club Soiree.

I called Splif and asked him to drive Ari and I to the train… since Ari was going home and I was headed to Bowery. As soon as we stepped into the car, cops came up behind us and pulled us over.

I mean literally, on the same block we got inside the car.. we pulled the car to the side. License and registration please…. Detects in a black car, then a blue and white paddy pullup behind them… We’re all just thinking.. Fuck… and in my head I’m praying none of the guys ( there was 6 of us in total ) have paint on them… We get asked to step outside of the vehicle, one at a time. To confess if we have anything now, because if one of us have something.. we’re all going in… and I’m just thinking : if I get locked up, I’m gonna be in a cell, looking like a hooker… and since today is Saturday, I’m gonna be in bookings waiting for the judge until Monday. great.

After the Lady cop frisked me, I mean really frisk, she was all up in my boobs in my bra ( most action I”ve gotten in awhile, I mentioned that out loud actually, male cop laughed ) They searched the car, didn’t find anything and told us to go. I figured that was a sign and decided not to go downtown and meet up with the rest of everybody. I headed to Zero’s, told em what happened and laughed at about it.. I ended up spending the night buggin out and being stupid with Skit, Mikey, Chino,Zero and Kat.

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