Zero’s Twister

What a night this was. First of all. Just putting the crew together in general always gives the end result of a good time. Now add liquor.

The day started with Kat and I being drenched in the rain after going on a scavenger hunt for the game of twister. One of my many bright ideas. I had to open my big mouth. We’re trooping it to Toys r’us hopping over puddles, and just laughing at the fact that we were almost about to get hit by cars.

Finally getting back home some of the crew is already there. And I walk in with a pink plastic bag in my head. Jay being the first to see me yells out that infamous loud as laugh. Ha- ha – ha -hooo hoo – ha.

Kat and I rush into the room to try to salvage whatever miracle we could to somewhat look decent.
Beers being passed around, liquor being served in little red plastic cups and Kat slaving over a hot stove baking not one, but two cakes! What a trooper. My lazy ass would’ve bought one. But that’s why I love her.
Slowly everyone else started showing up.

I invited Coco to come along and she brung Meg with her. I felt sooo bad. They struggled to get here in the rain. When I went outside to the porch to see if I could see them, I see two dark silhouettes struggling to even walk holding on strongly to the umbrellas that had already flipped over causing them to panic. Bendito.

I scurried along, opened the door.. And just giving them a hello kiss on the cheek alone I felt as if I took a shower.
I introduced. Chino already had his little posse. Playing domino’s. Some people were in the kitchen exchanging graff stories. Others were in the computer room looking up stupid shit and laughing about it all. Some were in the porch, smoking. And some where in the living room waiting for someone to play twister with her. Hehehehe. You guessed it. That one was me. Mikey played with me for about two seconds and got embarrassed.

Then I slowly started recruiting. I was in the mood to play some drunken twister. And that we did. Ooooh man. What was that for. I had some of the guys on the mat, stretching and strutting their stuff. I caught Chino stretching at one point. Hahahaha. Javi kneeling to find an open spot. Gram putting his ass in front of Kat’s face and Kat screaming : AAAh!!! I’m gonna get pink eye! All while I’m looking like the girl front the excorist, the scene where she walks down the steps in a crab like form.
Left hand red. Left foot blue. Right hand green. Right foot yellow.

Zj ran around flirting with all the girls, giving them kisses on their cheeks. What else is new. Lol. He’s gonna be a little heartbreaker I swear.
Dominos was ordered about 6 pies. When no one was looking ( coco was the only one who saw me ) I grabbed a pie and stuff the box under the sofa.
Everyone. All scavangers. It was a hungry ass mob. No plates needed. After everyone destroyed the pizzas. I pull out the hidden pie and everyone goes crazy!!
After a long night Alex and Oz give me a ride home. I live 4 blocks away. That rain was no joke.

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