Burnt Knees

Where do I start!? So much to say… Let’s just start with, the night started young.
I was supposed to go out and celebrate Gina’s birthday at Leather Lounge. She decided to cancel and went bowling instead. So I figured I was just gonna go straight home from work.
Ramon and Chris ended up suprising me at work. Drinks it is!!! Fucking alchys, all of us. Since Calico Jacks is close, we headed there. I’ve been on Fridays. Never on a Saturday. And it was packed. Ramon ordered a Jameson he was in the mood for. Chris and I decided to get the giant fishbowl that had tequila, rum and vodka mixed in. It tasted like straight up powerade. I felt no liquor in there. So we decided to take shots after. Chris asks me, so what we getting shots of? I quickly respond… Johnny Walker , Black Label. He looked at me with the only funny face. He said : what!? You think you can handle that?
All I could do was look at him and laugh. He says : I’ve never seen a girl order that.
Of course I give the little eyebrow raiser and smirk it off. A quick toast : to good friends, and good times.
Ramon swallowed his cup as did I. And guess who left like 25% of the shot in the cup… Chris. You guessed right. I tell him: stop being a pussy and drink up.
About 7 chubby bartender dancing on the bar to Fresh Prince and 2 shots later Ramon called it an early night and jetted.

Chris and I stayed danced and had about 5 more shots. We got fuuuuuuucked up. We walked back to my job, swerving from side to side, swearing we were walking straight. 2 escalators up, we came to bother Joseph, my coworker. He screams: hey movie star! ( His little nickname for me ). He’s listening to salsa and I turn up the radio and grab and start dancing. Uh oh! Joseph had some moves. Then Chris and I start dancing. Going in. Since my job is outside, all you hear is the cars honking. People enjoying the free show. Hahahhaha. What a good laugh.
We hopped in a cab and decided to have a sleep over.
Somehow we ended up in his fire escape half naked at 4 in the morning. Me laying on the cold metal. And us just laughing talking about the stupidest shit. When we go back inside ( through the window of course ) I leaned on the radiator and my knees got burned. Now I have two burn marks on my knee. 😦

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