Mheartstar’s Celebration

I finally dragged Kat to come out and party with me. And what better opportunity than to celebrate my babes birthday : Melissa. Better known as the talented Mheartstar. Which you’ve seen on this blog plenty of times. The night was young and I was getting stressed trying to figure out what to do with the naps on my head. The rain in the morning had dropped my pretty curls and my bangs have gone : poof.

During my lunch break I bought a curling iron to see if I could work a miracle. Conair, crappiest shit ever. Never again. Money gone down the toilet. I decided to look all crazy and just have anyway. 3 trains,a cab and 4 ashy knees later, Kat and I arrived at Marquee. 10th Avenue. It was freezing outside.

I noticed the birthday girl outside really quick. Gave her a big hug and handed her a pretty little white with colorful ribbon. I got her some of the tiniest cutest and might I add scrumptious cupcakes that I absolutely adore. Not to mention that the bakery that bakes them is named Melissa. Which I thought was pretty cute.

Bumping into a promoter on the line, who was hyper and busy. We got in with no problem. Once we got inside I was already pissed off by how many people I had to tackle just to attempt to even bust a move. It was horrible. It smelled like maryjane and people who forgot to put on deodorant. The place was beautiful but you couldn’t even appreciate it by all the people that was squished on top of each other. As crappy I was feeling with the whole situation, I decided to attempt have fun, not let it get to me and try not to ruin Mel’s day.

I was so glad to see the girls there. Many who have trooped there ass over there. Sara, Janel, Nicole, Kash, G. Danny(Spade) stayed for a little while, and Benny and Chris had us gorgeous girls for the night.

Benny kept pouring drinks down our throat, while the promoter who got us in treated us to some drinks. You know I definitely loved that part. The guy that was taking pictures comes up to me and whispers in my ear: you know how to roll? I screamed back: no. I’ve been meaning to learn though, for the hell of it.

After more dancing, should I say shoving… We all decided to go somewhere else.
Santos it was. Canal st.
Chris got us in and this place was more underground than glamorous compared to the other place. But I liked the reggae they was playing. And I know damn well this was more of Sara’s scene. Let me tell you… She went in. Hahahaha.

I was feeling great. I definitely had more space to dance and move freely, without me having to worry about punching someone out for being in my way. I feel bad, because I know that wasn’t Mel’s scene and after stepping in for two minutes, she quickly left. I didn’t even notice. Sorry babe.
The girls, Chris and I, couldn’t get enough of this place. And you’ll soon know why. We’re dancing as if the world is ours and we look around and notice: there’s a guy sitting on a couch, one hand up on his head and the other holding and guiding a girls head. The girl on her knees, giving this dude head. And she was taking no breaks. No breathers. Just bobbing up and down.


And everyone is seeing them and our little group is just in shock as to what is going on right now. Laughing it away. Not believing what’s going on. We kept on dancing and I guess enjoyed the free porn show.
When we look back, the same girl that was giving this guy head, was on the couch, laying down, with another girl on top of her. Both of them almost half naked, rubbing up on top of each other. Making out, squeezing each other titties and everything. Once some random guys from the club noticed they made a circle around them and pulled out the cameras and started recording. Then the girls started scissoring each other and are fucking on the couch. I’m just in shock and definitely didn’t sit down in any of the chairs, if this is what’s going on. I’m not catching anything. Hahaha.
Some random dude comes up behind one of the girls, and she’s in a thong playing with the other girls boob, so he sits down and starts fingering her. Out of nowhere. And she turns her head and starts making out with him. This girl was definitely drunk and fucked up on another level I’ve never even heard of.

After all the free porn we decided to go. Nicky and Kash went one way. Sara got picked up by friends and Chris, Kat and I headed to the Bronx. Kat and I spent about half an hour trying to catch a yellow cab at 4 in the morning. No luck. No one wanted to drive up to the bronx. Two guys even stopped for us. Said no. Locked their downs and drove away. Motherfuckers! It was freezing. By this point, Kat and I were freezing with our little ass skirts and high heels. Me, that I never go dancing in skirts, unless its summer time. But Mel insisted. I finally got home at 6 am and change. And I called it a night. As always, work the next day. I had a blast with my girls and Chris. I love catching up with them all. Its gets hard to stay close when all of us have our own lives going on. Hopefully we all get to hang out more often.
I want to wish you a happy birthday and many more beautiful birthdays to come. Stay beautiful, talented. I love you dearly.
– Minxie.  

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