A day at the zoo.

 Before heading  out to the Bronx Zoo

Not seeing my two pregnant beauties for a while, we scheduled a day at the zoo. It was about time we get a little girls day in that didnt require wet dance floors and  long lines to get in club… especially because they couldnt drink! We all know I love my vodka!

 Mari and her love of butterflies

The excitement of all of us catching up, to the running of each animal, turned to lots of walking trying to find the damn lemurs that my boyfriend, insisted I snap a picture of… turned to waddling… < how cute were they!

On the hunt for the damn lemurs, and guess what? The Madagascar section was closed!  personally I think my bf just likes them because of this:

He’s such a clown…After grabbing pizza, catching up on all our girl talk, I say It was a good day


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